The Woodshop Alternative

It seems like a relic of the past, a nostalgic memory of hands-on learning and smell of freshly cut redwood, cedar or pine. But for many parents and teachers who grew up decades ago, woodshop was a right of passage to learning practical skills that still carry to this day. It was the one elective class that didn’t involve textbooks, worksheets and tests. Our test was determined by how well you designed, built and crafted an actual project like a birdhouse or stool. Today, it is rare to see this class available in schools due to many factors including the rise of computer science electives, budget cuts and teacher expertise on the subject. Whatever the reason, the traditional woodshop classes have disappeared in schools around the country and that makes us sad. 

However, with the rise of maker education and makerspaces, elements of woodshop have evolved and have given us hope the skills learned in those classes are being taught again. Our company has always believed these skills are still relevant today as they were decades ago. We continue to pay homage to woodworking by designing modern solutions to nurture these skills for our next generation of students. Let’s keep “woodshop skills” alive…we just decided to add our twist to it. And you don’t need a dedicated space or power tools to make it happen. And btw, a lot cheaper than woodshop class, explore today at

Why is “Woodworking” so important today? 

  • Spatial visualization
  • Non verbal communication 
  • Technical drawing and sketching
  • Self-efficacy 
  • Instant feedback and improvement problem solving skills
  • Nurtures creativity and multiple intelligences
  • Teaches the design thinking process
  • Teaches attention to details, perseverance and grit
  • Trains the eye
  • Gives opportunities to grain pride and self-accomplishment
  • Practical appreciation of physical labor and engages multiple senses
  • Practical experience with tools and safety considerations
  • Reinforces applied mathematical and scientific concepts



About CORI

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Our products are not your typical kits with pieces that fall perfectly into place. It requires planning, constructing, testing and rebuilding. Things will fail, break and not align. That is the learning we thrive on and find so valuable. Enjoy the journey as much as the product you create. Just remember, every cut matters with CORI!