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Connecting with the real world

Young brains are curious and creative by nature. By removing obstacles to build and create, we allow everyone to bring their ideas to reality.

Medinah Eatman - The Science Teacher Mom

"Cori is a perfect mixture of Sustainability and STEM. They demonstrate to educators and students everywhere how we can teach and learn while still being conscious of our Planet."

David Ruiz - Thinkabit Lab instructor

“Cori has pushed my students to become makers and inventors who can build with both technical specificity and with very pleasing aesthetics.  Their projects are now both artistic and demonstrate sound engineering - Cori materials and tools provide a genuine opportunity for STEAM learning."

Dr. Arlyne Simon - Biomedical Engineer, Children's Author and Entrepreneur

"CORI Kits infuse the engineering design process with play! A truly ingenious way to introduce kids to engineering. Whether it is building windmills or catapults, kids develop spatial skills and feel accomplished after assembling their new toys. The use of sustainable cardboard materials is an added bonus."

Featured In Top Educational Institutions

The CORI Mission

As dedicated parents, inquisitive engineers and passionate educators, we are driven to create memorable hands-on learning experiences that help young people build creative confidence and self-efficacy. We believe creativity is a skill everyone can learn - it just takes practice.

Highly Recommended!

It's so nice to have an affordable, non-technology, project that keeps them engaged! 

-Jennifer A.

Fosters A Growth Mindset

CORI builds really foster design thinking and a growth mindset – two things we really want our children to learn! I love that there is room for mistakes with CORI, and that so much of the learning happens through trial & error.

-Samantha Z.

High Quality Prototypes

Thanks for creating a product that is sophisticated enough to make high quality working prototypes, while being so kid friendly. Love CORI!

-Kelly E.

Perfect Challenge Level

These are beautifully well thought out and at the perfect challenge level. I love that everything wasn't figured out for them, I love the extra pieces, I love the repeatability of the main structural components, the glue strip, the functionality in many different areas, the adaptability and reusability after design improvements or trials.

-Nessa C.