We love collaborations and our partners Raising Global Kidizens have written an engaging 60+ page workbook all about wind power. This curriculum includes using our Cori Windmill kit. Check it out here: https://www.raisingglobalkidizens.com/workbook-wind-power/

Learn more about our kits here: Cori Windmill Home Kit and Cori Windmill Classroom Kit

Wind Power

Ready to learn all about wind power (and we mean all about wind power)? This 60+ page workbook introduces young learners to the history of wind power and where we’re headed with it going forward, the construction of windmills and turbines, the pros and cons of this renewable energy source, the science behind how wind creates electricity, which countries produce wind energy, and so much more.

Activities are designed to be completed individually or as a comprehensive unit. Select only the projects and exercises that work best for your needs or use them all together.

This workbook includes:

  • an introduction to wind energy, the history of wind energy, and important vocabulary related to wind energy
  • science experiment to test how wind is generated through changes in air temperature and pressure
  • a STEM investigation to build a wind turbine (to make with materials you already have on hard or to build using a kit that is available for purchase through an RGK partner)
  • mapping and graphing exercises related to where we can find wind farms around the world
  • an ELA and social science exercise to help students weigh and discuss the pros and cons of wind as a renewable energy source
  • reading comprehension work related to three different books about wind energy for young elementary through high school students
  • additional reading extensions for students and resources for educators/parents/caregivers