Cori Ambassadors are inspirational educators and partners who continue to challenge us to be innovative in our mission to unleash creativity in every learner.

  "Cori is a perfect mixture of Sustainability and STEM. They demonstrate to educators and students everywhere how we can teach and learn while still being conscious of our Planet."

Medinah Eatman

 Medinah also known as The Science Teacher Mom is a high school science teacher, a mom, wife and a small business owner of Science.Teacher.Mom LLC which is a science curriculum educational company that provides homeschooling parents and science teachers with hands on science activities to inspire and engage their students in science. 






“Cori has pushed my students to become makers and inventors who can build with both technical specificity and with very pleasing aesthetics.  Their projects are now both artistic and demonstrate sound engineering - Cori materials and tools provide a genuine opportunity for STEAM learning."

David Ruiz

I have taught for 16 years, 8 at high school 8 at middle school.  For the past 6 years I have been a Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab instructor, an experience in which I teach middle school students to code and build invention prototypes. In addition to teaching Language Arts and in the Thinkabit Lab, I also teach woodworking and ELD. I hold two MA degrees, one in Comparative Literature and one in Educational Leadership as well as an admin credential.





 “Cori products allow my students to design, create, test, and explore engineering and scientific concepts in ways that are engaging and meaningful, which allows me to prepare my students for the jobs of the future”

Valerie Perez

Valerie is a sixth grade STEAM teacher and Fab Lab facilitator at Browning Road STEAM Academy in McFarland, CA.






 "CORI and Studio X align perfectly at our core. We aim to innovate by exploring accessible materials like cardboard but most importantly by having the freedom to express our creativity through different tools and skills. The sky's the limit when creating with CORI, and we are very proud to have them as our partners and hope to continue growing together for many years to come."

Marla Andrade

Art and Design is my true passion and, exposing these concepts to people of all ages through tools, techniques, and "hands-on" based projects is what I love doing. With my Interior and Furniture Design background, I contribute a unique perspective on the power of science. Empowering a team to do the above provides me with enormous gratification as well.At the Fleet Science Center, I have the unique privilege to oversee the operation of Studio X, our maker space, and collaborate with different makers in our community, such as CORI.





 "CORI Kits infuse the engineering design process with play! A truly ingenious way to introduce kids to engineering. Whether it is building windmills or catapults, kids develop spatial skills and feel accomplished after assembling their new toys. The use of sustainable cardboard materials is an added bonus."

Dr. Arlyne Simon

Patented inventor, Dr. Arlyne Simon, is a biomedical engineer, children's author and entrepreneur. Recognized as a trailblazing female innovator by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Arlyne is a national STEM advocate and was honored with a life-size statue in the If Then She Can Exhibit. Eager to inspire more children to become inventors, Arlyne founded a K-5 invention education company named Abby Invents. As an author, Arlyne crafts the Abby Invents picture book series - stories about a girl inventor who creates things that do not exist – like unbreakable crayons and more! She holds a Ph.D. in macromolecular science and engineering from the University of Michigan and an undergraduate degree in chemical & biomolecular engineering from Georgia Tech. Visit her at and shop her award-winning Abby Invents books at





 "I found CORI in the summer of 2021 and it has given me the opportunity to develop and expand my passion and interest in civil engineering. Recreating iconic structures or designing my own projects using environmentally-sustainable cardboard has honestly been such a treat. Thank you CORI for everything!"

- Aaron Chang

 My name is Aaron Chang and I am a high school student in Monta Vista, part of the class of 2023. I absolutely love designing and building various buildings, may it be a replica or an original creation. Check me out on Instagram at @the_questionable_personality for some of edited short videos displaying these projects!