Limited Edition CORI Jeepney Kit

CORI Jeepney Kit

Sold Out!

Boost your artistic, engineering and spatial skills with this maker dive into a uniquely Filipino innovation!

Inspired by the co-founder’s heritage and culture, we are thrilled to offer a limited edition CORI Jeepney to celebrate Filipino American History Month in October. As an innovation during the post-World War II era, the Philippine Jeepney has a deep-rooted history within Filipino culture. This educational maker kit was designed to inspire the next generation to explore Philippine history, culture and art behind this iconic vehicle - a uniquely Filipino innovation. It is our vision to unleash creativity and the CORI Jeepney will offer designers an opportunity to add their own artistic touch to their project. 

CORI Jeepney Downloads:

Getting Started Guide  
CORI Jeepney Coloring Page

Jeepney Die Cut Sticker

Special Edition CORI Jeepney Die Cut Sticker (included in kit)
Artwork by Joseph Naval
"Jump On" CORI Jeepney Artwork by Abraham Menor
CORI Jeepney GalleryCori Jeepney Design Challenge Winners!