My daughter is 6 and created the gingerbread house project! She had so much fun and it was a great family activity. She won the contest and is looking forward to creating more. They also donated money back toward her school from the purchase, so it’s helping support her elementary school as well! Thanks Cori Create!!!

-Sarah A.

We are so proud of the work Jet and Isabelle have done with the Jeepney! Thank you to the CORI team for such a fun STEAM project that allowed them to learn and grow on so many different levels as well showcase their pride in the Filipino culture and heritage. CORI not only offers STEM products, but also provides another platform to instill the love of learning and an outlet to express creativity that can be enjoyed by all ages.

-Sue T.

CORI sets are perfect for kids who like to build and invent. Construction plans are easy to follow, while the builds are complex enough to keep my kids challenged. My seven year old can build with help, making a fun family project. My middle schooler enjoys working on the projects independently at a work station he set up in the garage. CORI sets are great for encouraging creativity, problem solving and building engineering skills.

-Katie E.

Even with a teacher at home, life with kids during quarantine has not been easy. Mobile device restrictions have been relaxed, routines have been upended, and we are just trying to get by. Then, like manna from the heavens, CORI Create appeared in our lives.

If you have kids that have built their own creations out of plastic bricks or were fascinated by Rube Goldberg machines, you will start to understand the value of this system. We purchased the Fleet Kit, which included 5 of their most popular projects kid-tested at the Fleet Science Center. The first one my kids attempted was the sail car, and while the instructions were easy to follow, they messed up on one of their cuts. The beauty of this product is that the mistakes are the best learning tool for makers! Was it easy to fix....not at the moment...but the process of them solving it and the satisfaction they got...priceless. By completing all the projects, they have the foundation for making and the inspiration to do their own projects. The product is genius, the company behind it is dedicated to help bring STEM to all in San Diego, and I cannot recommend this product enough.

-Jonathan B.

We’ve recently partnered with CORI for our programming in Studio X, which is our maker space in the Fleet Science Center, Balboa Park. Our experience has been AMAZING! We love how versatile and user friendly their products and tools are. Our visitors keep coming back solely for the CORI Projects and we love it. We are super excited to continue building our relationship and work together on future projects, not only for Studio X but also together with our Exhibit Dept. Thank you, keep it up!!!

-Marla A.

We have had the privilege of using CORI’s products while they’ve been BETA in our Makerspace program. Our students have loved building recycled instruments with the beams and freedom to cut them using kid safe saws! Looking forward to adding more products to our program!

-Marla R.

My son became enamored with CORI during a school-wide project a year or so ago, where they built an entire CORI town. He has since jumped at the opportunity to build, create, explore, try again, and succeed! His favorite creations so far are the windmill and the antigravity table, and I heard he is planning to build a DJ station next. It's a great hands-on product that teaches measurement, planning, math and geometry, mixed with the ability to endlessly invent!

-Krista W.

Their kits provide a great opportunity to explore building things with my kindergartener. I loved the look in his eyes seeing his creation come together and the pride he displayed when showing it off to our family members. With summer coming, these kits are a great way to keep the learning going!

-Norm M.

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