The seven pillars of Cori


Time efficiency - optimizing creative time

Time is of essence, so making Cori tools and materials easy to set up and break down with a low learning curve, we can optimize hands-on creative time.  Many of our small projects can be completed in 30-60 minutes.


Storage -  Easy to set up and clean up

Storage space is premium in any classroom and maker location.  Our Cori tools and materials including the main Cori Beam – comes in flat sheets.  Tools are small, portable and are easy to set up and clean up for your classes. 



Tools - Balancing safety with real tools

We believe in balancing safety with the importance of learning how to operate basic tools.

Sturdiness - Structurally sound designs

Cori beams provide the structural integrity that so often is missing when building with recycled maker materials



Aesthetics - Build beautiful projects

We believe in the importance of making your creation stand out and be unique.  Art is an important element in any design.  The Cori beams and sheets are the perfect canvas for personalization. 



Cost effective - Value meets Quality

We like to show young creatives that they can prototype, test, and iterate their ideas without having to spend a fortune.  A real-life model is a crucial part of product development.



Sustainability - Earth-conscious 

We pledge to use locally sourced, recycled, or biodegradable materials when possible.  We also strive to minimize the use of packaging and single use supplies.