Last year, we ran one of our most successful Cori project campaigns for Filipino American History Month. Inspired by the co-founder’s heritage and culture, we designed and created our very own version of the Jeepney out of Cori materials. The demand for our Limited Edition Cori Jeepney was more than we dreamed and we sold out quickly. As part of the campaign, we ran competitions for different maker divisions and were in awe of the beautiful designs and artwork. See below. Lastly, we were humbled to donate portions of our sales to the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS)

Throughout this past year, we have been requested over and over again to bring back the Cori Jeepney. Parents, kids and teachers have always told us that it is rare to see a toy, let alone an educational STEM kit that celebrates Filipino culture. It is hard to not be inspired by this. 

As a company deeply rooted in the engineering design process, we learned a lot from the original Cori Jeepney project. We received valuable feedback from our customers which has motivated us to revamp our Cori Jeepney. We are back in the Cori Labs thinking about the efficiency of the build, materials, cost, and historical learning we can cultivate with a Cori Jeepney project again. Who wants to see Cori Jeepney 2.0? Share our blog post, retweet, and like our social media posts to get the word out, SALAMAT!!!

Be first to know when we release the smaller, cheaper, and faster build Cori Jeepney 2.0 HERE (type “put me on Jeepney 2.0 interest list” in the message).

Jeepney Winners